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New for the 2017 Season


Having trouble keeping the holiday gatherings on track.  Ralphy will not stop talking about the B.B. gun.  Uncle Billy drinking all the booze.  Grandma taking to long unwrapping her presents.  Will here is the answer, this magic wand will keep everyone in line.

Introducing the Holiday cattle prod.  You will be shocked at the results you get with this little item in your hand.  
Not to be used on small children or seniors with pacemakers. 


We are an American mid-west family that LOVES Christmas.  This site was created to help spread enjoy and help others create their dream Christmas display at a modest price.  The pages that follow contain photos and videos of our houses' Christmas decorations from past years.  In the coming months, we will be adding details of how are displays are created, where we find out items, and how we create what we can't find.


The Photos below will be changed from time to time.   Today, we bring you a look at our Christmas Trees for years past. 


Christmas Trees